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    Traditional Seafood Chinese Hot Pot Combinations. Clams, Cockles, Mussels, Fish, Prawns Etc
  • Clams, Cockles & Knobbed Welks
    Live NZ Clams, Cockles & Knobbed Welks Living in New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters, surf clams are a native shellfish existing in the turbulent food-rich surf zone in a depth of up to 10 metres.
  • Frozen NZ Blackfoot Paua
    Frozen NZ Blackfoot wildcaught Paua
  • Scallops
    Fresh New Zealand Scallops harvested from the Clean pristine waters of either the Golden Bay or the North islands Coromandel region.
  • Paua - NZ Wildcaught Paua (Blackfoot)
    Buy wildcaught paua from Wellington and Wairapara coast. Also have NZ Farmed product that as a milder taste and texture.
  • Geoduck
    A related species, Panopea zelandica, is found in New Zealand and has been harvested commercially since 1989"The meat, the texture is between a pipi and an abalone,"
  • Mussels - NZ Greenlip Mussels
    The shellfish is recognisable by its emerald green shell markings. The flesh is full and plump, and richly flavoured. The flesh of the female is a soft-blush apricot colour, and the male a pale creamy colour.