The website main shopping page is the front page just go to home and scroll down through the different catergories. Alternatively you can click on any of the category headers on this page and then look through all the product belonging to that catergory. All the weekly free freight promoted and new listed products are located at the top of the home page, directly above the featured products. If you are interested in being kept in touch with fresh fish landings and weekly promotions please feel free to suscribe in the boxes directly above this paragraph.

  • Clams and Cockles
    Live NZ Clams and Cockles Living in New Zealand’s pristine coastal waters, surf clams are a native shellfish existing in the turbulent food-rich surf zone in a depth of up to 10 metres. This environment ensures the shellfish develop outstanding quality and taste. The clams' boutique flavours and presentation versatility are highly valued in the hospitality industry.
  • Crabs Paddle (NZ) & Exotic
    Live and fresh and Frozen Paddle Crabs, caught locally in the bay.Local live king Crabs and exotic imported Mud and blue swimmer crabs.
  • Crabs - Live King Crabs
    Live King Crabs from the cold clean waters in the cook strait, New Zealand
  • Crayfish
    If you are looking to buy fresh New Zealand crayfish online you are have come to the right place with Hawkes Bay Seafoods. We specialise in fresh fish and seafood delivered to your door across New Zealand. Rock lobster meat quality flesh is firm with a sweet medium and rich taste, and retains its shape in most styles of cooking. Spiny rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) or crayfish are found throughout New Zealand and Chatham Islands' coastal waters. Our wide selection of New Zealand crayfish c...
  • Eel - NZ Freshwater Eel
    Fresh NZ Eel caught in fresh water streams and rivers on the east coast of north Island
  • Goeduck
    A related species, Panopea zelandica, is found in New Zealand and has been harvested commercially since 1989"The meat, the texture is between a pipi and an abalone,"
  • Kina's
    Also known as “sea eggs,” kinas is a rare delicacy found and harvested in New Zealand. Scientifically, they are identified as sea urchins. They are those spiny, dark globes occasionally scattered on the sand beneath the waters. Because waders and bathers sometimes hurt themselves as they step on them, previously no one ever thought these nuisances to be edible. Well, they are more than just eatable; they are actually delicious! Harvested in the summer months during low tide, kinas are...
  • Muttonbirds
    This is considered to be a Maori Delicacy and are harvested from the small Islands at the tip of the south island. Great season, Birds are good size and very plump.
  • Oysters
    Fresh New Zealand Oyster. Bluff oysters, Pacific Oysters in the pot and 1/2 shell oysters.
  • Paua - NZ Wildcaught Paua (Blackfoot)
    Buy wildcaught paua from Wellington and Wairapara coast. Also have NZ Farmed product that as a milder taste and texture.
  • Prawns
    Frozen Seafood from New Zealand and around the Globe from suppliers such as Kingfisher, and Shore Mariner who's reputation is founded on quality, variety and reliability. These companies insist that our global suppliers process and pack in factories operating under a HACCP programme, and complying with the industry's highest ISO expectations and food safety standards.
  • Salmon
    You can’t get any better than NZ King Salmon. Raised in the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. NZ King Salmon has an incredible flavour, colour and texture and healthy Omega 3s. So when you serve NZ King Salmon you can be sure you’re enjoying some of the best salmon in the world.
  • Whitebait New Zealand
    Fresh and frozen New Zealand Whitebait
  • Whole Fish
    This section is headed whole fish but again we are happy to sell the fish in any form you require whether that be, gilled and gutted, head & gutted, whole scaled and gutted,so please don't hesitate to enquire if the form you desire is not displayed below.
  • Fresh Fillets
    Although most fillets are sold skinned and boned we are happy to provide you with your specific requirements whether that is skin/on fillets,also scaled skin on boned out is very popular with softer fish such as snapper when you are going to cook on the Barbeque etc. So if you do have a specific option that is not displayed please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Smoked Fish
    All our cured products are smoked in the traditional manner at our smokehouse. The fish is first brined before being smoked naturally using native woodchips (beech and manuka) for the appropriate time in our temperature controlled smokehouses.If there is a product that wish to source that is not displayed below and we can try to source for you.
  • Frozen Fillets and Whole Fish
    Frozen free flow bags of fillets and shatter packs of assorted speices. Tarakihi, Deep sea Cod, Hoki, Soles, Flounders, Red cod, to name a few of the products that will be avialable to purchase over the course of the fishing year as we go from season to season.
  • Bulk Buy
    Special deals for Bulk Buys such as cartons or multiple pots.This catergory will be updated randomly as great deals become available.
  • Gift Packs
    Assorted Gift Packs with various options available
  • Gift Vouchers
    Gift Vouchers for either yourself or someone else.Great gift idea for a friend or family member.